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How to understand the last sentence?




"A guest is always worried about their safety. On the safety issues we can actually be very comfortable and tell them that you will not be affected by what is going on," Munyeza said. "However, if there is some moral objection of what often happens, that as business people we are not able to address."

how to understnad the last sentence  and "that as" ? Please do me a favor, thanks a million.

09:15 AM Jun 18 2008 |

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that [thing, the case of objection] as [we are] business people, we are not able to address (to deal with).

in other words, we can assure people that they're going to be safe and the ongoing events are not going to affect them, but we cannot do anything in case there are objections as to the nature of those events because it's not in our competence (we are business people not political or spiritual leaders etc)

 hope that helps

05:11 PM Jun 18 2008 |