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Share the weather



Hello, I'm a student in Taiwan. I want to talk about the weather in different country. In Taiwan, it often rains in northern Taiwan, but it’s usually a shine day in south. The weather in summer is hot, but I think it’s not hot than other countries. There are a lot of typhoons in summer and autumn, and they will make the trees upset and take your roof away! Typhoon is also good for Taiwan because it will bring the rains, and therefore we will have water to use. Thanks the typhoon! Could you share some of your country? Thank you!

05:38 AM Jun 20 2008 |

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anyway i dont think typhoon is a good thing , sometimes it even becomes a disaster to all the people

05:11 PM Jun 20 2008 |



my hometown lies in  the east coast of mainland china.

typoon is our old friend。。。it always come to visit us several times a year。。。i am under the impression that all it brings was a big damage.

And these days i am worring about it。。。at this time of year typoon should have come times,but in this year2008,it delayed.as it's a disaster year,the excessive snow in the january,the earthquake of sichuan in5.2 And the flood in south china these days。。。。I am a little afraid  of  the coming typoon

01:57 AM Jun 21 2008 |