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If you had a million dollars?


United States

If you spoke perfect English and you had a million dollars, what would you do first? 

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02:36 AM Jul 28 2008 |

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United States

I would travel to India!




02:37 AM Jul 28 2008 |


United States Minor Outlying Islands


05:14 AM Jul 28 2008 |


United States Minor Outlying Islands

mybe i will travle around the world, i will not so selfish, i want to give paticial of them to my parent, they lived happily is my best wishes.

05:19 AM Jul 28 2008 |



in that case I'd leave my work and travell all over the world…. dreams….dreams… and now again to work

11:43 AM Jul 29 2008 |

Mapleleaf Man


Interesting spam there kitty. Ask a lame question in a forum and hope that someone clicks on your site link. You're posting on a free site, hoping to lure people over to your own pay site. How cool is that? Not very, in my opinion. Watch out people! This member is only out for number one.


PEOPLE: Please let this thread die off. Don't respond to it, don't answer it. This is no different from someone begging for money on the street. Don't be tricked. Send me a message if you want an explanation to what I mean. OK? 

12:36 PM Jul 29 2008 |

cuta tota

cuta tota


i'll buy a car . clothes &change my mobile

03:11 PM Jul 29 2008 |



go on doing my thing !Maybe i will invest a company to get more money

03:21 PM Jul 29 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

Brian ! why ? it's just a Question !! i won't clicke in that web ! :S:S don't worry ..

firstly, i would love to help poor people, built mosque and shelter, buy camera ( the biggest one ) and enjoying travel that countries which i dream to travel to it .. till my money finish hahahhahh !! Money mouth

ops i forgot that i need to buy ( gun ) it's my dream to have one !~

05:43 PM Jul 29 2008 |