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Hi everyone




Cooli WANT TO IMPROVE MY SKILLS ?SO i NEED some friends who are good in its, to more learning and practice english together ,my mail is :assia.

see you,bye, 

08:23 PM Jan 26 2007 |

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United States

Sure. I added you.


05:58 AM Jan 30 2007 |



Wink Hi,

I have to improve my English, too. You are welcome to contact me at any time

09:44 AM Jan 31 2007 |



I’m from Poland and I need to improve my english,if someone can help me,please contact me,I’ll be thankful…see you

12:07 PM Jan 31 2007 |





I'm from Bulgaria and I want to improve my english too.

02:14 PM Jan 31 2007 |


United States

Well, I guess everyone here has the same issue… Learn and improve English. I just found this site last night and I thought here its a good way to make friendship and learn English with ourselves. Its amanzing!!

I have msn,  but I dont really log very often. We can still talk though.. whenever… If someone is interested, just add me or drop me a line ok???


02:23 PM Jan 31 2007 |



I'm Steven from Brazil and I need to improve my english because i'm a english teacher, I want to make new friends and talk, if you have the same goal or want to help me, please contact me, thank you

03:09 PM Jan 31 2007 |



hi, I am sumit ramola.I dont think i can ever get new friends in this way.

I can speak english but i have difficulty in understanding American Ascent.

i want to lean american Ascent.

hope to have reponse from you.

I will be happy to have you as my friend.

03:29 PM Jan 31 2007 |


United States

Hey sumit ramola…

Hmmm.. its a kinda  hard for you Improve ur ear in a web site like this one. I meant, here we can "talk" to each other and improve our reading and writing skills. If you are good on those… wonderful for you!!! You may can help others on this site who are not so fluent ! But the only way for you be able to understant american accent its having some american friends. I live in US for more than a year and sometimes I cant understant some of theirs slang words.. its a kind of hard.. But I LOVE English anyways…

Hope you can find what you are looking for…. Laughing

05:22 PM Jan 31 2007 |



United States

The WORLDMIKEL English Conversation Practice is on Saturdays and Sundays at 1000 UTC/GMT on Skypecasts. All you need is Skype 3.0 and headphones to listen in. With a microphone you can join and practice speaking English with a group of fellow learners from around the world. Specifics and local times are listed at the website:


The webpage includes links to Slang sites and others. 

No more strangers. Come join the growing group of friends that gather to enjoy the exchange of the English language and the various ways it is spoken by those looking to improve. Along with the voice chat is the Public (text) Chat for the Skypecast which continues 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. Many that join also use MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GoogleTalk and QQ.

Thanks for sharing part of your weekend with me.

06:45 PM Jan 31 2007 |



hiiiiiii    i am glad to have your message. yeah you are right.I need to talk to some one who is native to america.I am doing voice chat with an american using skype.I am teaching her hindi (my own native language).I am searching some more friends.Thanks for reply. What is your name ? is it elaine ? what does its meaning.You are from brazil.i love brazil footbal team specially "ronaldiniho".Do you like footbal?

bbye .

sumit ramola                                                                                                    

11:04 AM Feb 02 2007 |