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beefy man


go shopping

go to work

go find Zini or go buy a ticket

when should I use ving, to +V. or  V.

thanks a lot



09:34 AM Oct 13 2008 |

Go to the TOEFL® page >



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

go swiming

09:29 PM Oct 14 2008 |

beefy man


05:24 AM Oct 16 2008 |

zaw tun

zaw tun


What do you mean? Would you want to know present continuous tense?



07:28 AM Oct 16 2008 |

beefy man


In fact my point is the sentence"lET'S GO FIND ZINI".In this sentence the verb "go" is directly followed by another verb"find" without plus a "to" ahead of the second verb like in"go to work" or plus "ing" like in "go swimming"...


Why shouldn't I say"go work"or "go swim" or "Let's go to find Zini"

So is this usage(Verb+Verb) common in English? I want to learn more about this grammatical phenomeon. I googled but couldn't get any hint about it….

see what I mean?

11:43 AM Oct 18 2008 |