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How is the best way to learn English


Viet Nam

I do have to learn English for my job so Who tell me the effective method to learn

04:03 PM Mar 04 2007 |

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hai thuthoi,

   This is Nagajyothi,u can read the english news paper daily and one more is u can speak in english with u'r friends or any one who r good at english,they may be correct u'r mistakes ,if u make any mistakes,iam doing this now. so all the best.

04:31 PM Mar 04 2007 |




work hard,hard work

05:16 AM Mar 05 2007 |




To learn anything effectively is to teach it to anybody whose level is less than yours; Making the best effort to improve him/her ability will improve your skill as well.

05:33 AM Mar 05 2007 |




the fastest way to learn English is practice… no more no less… speak in English as often as you can….

06:50 PM Mar 06 2007 |




i also want to improve my english,but no chance, i have no friend who are english-speaking person,.May be it is just a excuse .

I want to work hard ,but can I insist on?

02:02 AM Mar 07 2007 |


Viet Nam

I want to inprove my English , who can help me about listining, writting

04:34 AM Mar 07 2007 |




To improve your listening ability just listen English as much as possible. The more English words/sentences you put in, the more you'll get them out.

You could listen to the radio, songs, watch on television, go to the cinema, make conversation with English native speaker; use all material around you to teach yourself. By listening then it will improve your speaking ability. Don't worry even you don't understand the content of material that you listen; it will take four or five months until your ear could listen it clearly.

To improve your writting skill, you must read as much as you can; especially read the topic that you are interested in it. In addition, that you should be supported by Grammar which will reinforce your writting skill.

05:33 AM Mar 07 2007 |




there are two good ways to learn english..or any other language..which each one depends of the use.

for speaking  the best way is watching tv listening songs …radio..etc 

for studting with reading books is the best way

now if you can mix them both you should succed!!

09:41 AM Mar 07 2007 |



the things you wrote comes very good.But ıts not easy.I cant understand anything

from a movıe  in englısh although my grammer is very good.

04:16 PM Mar 12 2007 |




Hi Damlasu,

What did you mean that your grammar is vey good? Did you mean that you are master in all aspects of grammar?

There are some parts of speech which are part of grammar: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, punctuation, and interjection. Could you apply them correctly in written and spoken?

Also, there are rules that we have to know to form a sentence, so that you have to understand about: tenses, passive voice, modal, conditional, gerund, phrasal, and article.

There are so much lessons that we have to learn, however don't worry about them, we could learn them little by little; and the most important thing is that we keep trying to use them by applying them in our daily conversation or written.

04:35 AM Mar 14 2007 |