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question about slang




Hi, teachers,

I saw two sentence on yahoo messenger, and I can’t understand them. I asked for help, and I got those are slangs, but still don’t know the meaning.
1.One word to describes you….Wicka Whack
-what does Wicka Whack mean? They are black people’s slang, right?
2.You know I’m straight Jiggified
-what does Jiggified mean?
Your help will be highly appreciated.

Have a great weekend,

05:41 AM Feb 16 2002 |

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johnSuper Member!

United States


Those are interesting questions and funny expressions.

“Wicka whack” means “not good” or “weird.” For example, if someone calls you “wicka wack” they are saying you’re “strange.” It’s not very common, and was used a lot in rap a few years ago.

“Straight jiggified” means “cool.” If someone says they are “straight jiggified,” they are saying that they are “cool” or “very good at something.” Again, this isn’t very common, but used a lot by rap artists.

Hope this helps!


01:36 AM Feb 22 2002 |




Hi, John,

Thanks for your help, you really helped me a lot. You are a slang expert!!! :”)


01:12 PM Feb 26 2002 |