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how can i improve my english?



im a high school graduate, i can read english but i cannot understand it!!!! i get envy to those cannot perfectly read but can understand it!!! i study english since i started schooling! the worse part of it was i didn't give attention to my studies especially in english!!! and now, it's big regret!!! and if im with my friends i can't ride with them!!! in school i get a hard time especially if its english time!!!! i cant construct paragraph with sense meaning! it's all non sense and meaningless!! and my grammar is terrible!!! help me!! this is my account! thanks!!

05:22 AM Mar 21 2007 |

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Hi Friend,

I have read and understood your problem and I am willing to help you. My advise to you and to every English learners to firstly plant and establish a love between you and English language or any thing you want to learn this techinque and only this going to help you. Believe me it really works do not learn any thing forcely or you don't like this will make you so tired and useless thing. So like the subject then learn it do not learn it because so many companies today deal with english language so you have no choice, and don't learn medicine because your father wanted that and so on.

Well, I am sorry if I was wrong but this my opinion and I am Advanced English learner but still lack help to be like native-speaker,

those who want to contact me, my email is qaisbyte(@)hotmail.com of course without prackets and in Yahoo : abdu_qais2004(@)yahoo.com.

 Best Wishes,

10:10 AM Mar 21 2007 |