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share ur favorite songs with us

+ & -

+ & -


give the name and also the address of ur fav song to share with all of us.

mine:tired of being sorry:http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/B0100220/B010022000186406.wma(english)

juat one last dance :

miss u each time i recall my memory:http://www.sirdixim.cn/Nahxa/abdulla/aslidim.wma  (uyghur)

the first snow:http://sirdixim.cn/nahxa/abdulla/tunjikar.Wma  (uyghur)

what's wrong with me:http://ent.shangdu.com/...2008/1029/218525/files_founder_2420424696/1460629567.mp3   (chinese)

stubborn: http://www.zsktv.com/fangcang/2007/8/20078685350.mp3  (chinese)


08:41 AM Feb 01 2009 |

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