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hellp in an easy thing ^_^



Saudi Arabia

hello   every body :


how  are you ????

 hope every one was in good helth

 i really miss you all but  i'm realy busy with studing


i hope if some one can help me in this Qustion


ANALYTICAL ESSAY WRITING ASSIGNMENT 2: Write an essay on the effects of e-learning on students who follow an online type of education. Follow the steps of the writing process. PART A: Before you write, plan your essay by filling in the following chart.    


 Thesis statement        Topic sentence  1        Topic sentence  2        Topic sentence  3        Essay TwoContent          (layout, vocabulary appropriateness and overall impression)            

PART B. Write your essay here. Make sure each topic sentence is developed in one body paragraph and supported by details. Use transitions to connect your ideas. Edit your essay when done.   

best regards                                                

11:02 PM Mar 30 2009 |

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United States

What is your question in regards to this?  Do you need help with the defining the words?  Do want topic sentences given to you?  What do you want?

02:10 AM Apr 03 2009 |