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A question for all. guys!(*_*)



Viet Nam

hey, im a student. And english is very neccessary to my job in the future. Listening and Speaking r most important to my major. I know that if u want to listening and speaking well, u must know grammar and vocabulary well.So i studied new words as much as i can…..but u know, i cant remember all althought i try all my best to do it. So tell me how can i remember all vocabulary i studied ???? Thanks, guys

05:05 AM Apr 09 2007 |

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hi, all the best for your study. your problem is a common one of many of the guys who wanted to excell in english. but you can very easly solve it. i had the same problem and i could solve it at some good level with some sort of exercises.one exercise is, spend some time every day for reading, so that you will be coming accross the the words you learned somewhere in the article you are reading. and anothere exercise is, when you learn some new word, compare it with someting else which sounds the same and can be recall easly. hope you have got it….

06:57 AM Apr 09 2007 |



Thank uplisted! I will try which you informed, and strive hard.

you will never know what you can do till ou try.

07:02 AM Apr 09 2007 |






When you have just learned a new vocabulary, try to use it as often as possible. Ever wonder why we could memorize and sing along with those songs that we like eventhough they have long lyrics? This is because the more we hear it the more our mind gets use to it. It goes to our subconscious mind. So it;s like learning a new vocabulary, use it often and you'll never forget it.  You would eventually get use to that vocabulary.

10:04 AM Apr 14 2007 |





Great suggestion.  I would add play online word games as well like scrabble or find a site that has crossword puzzles for ESL students … I remember seeing one but that was a while ago (longtime ago) but do a search in Google and I am sure you will find the URL.



10:52 PM Apr 14 2007 |



SILENT SAM, i meet your suggestions many of the times here, like to befriend with you. what do you do and where r u from? i am an art directr in an advertising agency. hope to see ur answer.


04:28 AM Apr 27 2007 |




Hi Jana,

 I have sent you an invite … All your answers are there in my profile :) Take a look and I'd be happy to be a friend.

 take care and check out my blogs as well.  i just started them so there is only a few but check them out anyway.

talk to you soon,


06:49 AM Apr 27 2007 |