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do you think you have a real friend



i always thought that i have many many friends, both male and female, but after alot a lot of things,i changed my view. A real friend is not only a person who shares the same likes and dislikes with you. but also share happniess and sorrows.

so how many real friends in your life?Give you support and encourage you along the way .

05:10 AM Apr 11 2007 |

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i also agree with you,in current society,the real friends turn more and more little

05:43 AM Apr 11 2007 |



People would rather like to share the positive occassions of their friends than the negative ones, they might even sympathise with your pain. But a real friend is the one who empathize with your pain, and the ones who stay with you during both good and bad times. And i have real friends.

06:08 AM Apr 11 2007 |




all of these contemplations are true to me also…but answering the question i can say a definite yes.iam making friends everywhere, it's not hard as everyone of us is eager to have a friend, though people's notions about the friendship  differ.

02:16 PM Apr 11 2007 |




yeah of course but one thing is not be eveitable which is relationship shouldn't be buılt with money or other goods.

02:27 PM Apr 11 2007 |