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I feel is difficult to open my mouth to speak English

Joyce Guo

Joyce Guo


I'm a English learner,my mayjor is Business English.

But my oral English is poor, usually when I communicate with people ,I don't know

what to say ,it seems in my mind ,there is no word!

Can you tell me how shuold I do ?

Look forward your reply.

Thank  you!


08:44 AM May 03 2007 |

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United States

actually, i think it is not very difficult to speak english! when i was small, i used to practice English in front of the mirror. It was terrible becuz i couldnt speak anything fluently. but the most important is that you have to be confident when you communicate with anyone. Trying to arrange the things you want to talk first and then speak it out as slowly as possible. Be confident ! okay? even you re wrong in grammar but its not the big problem. Communicating with foreign people to improve your listening and speaking skills. :D good luck !

09:07 AM May 03 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

thats true you should have alot of confident in your self and speak what ever come out of youe mouth its okay to make mistakes but by making them you learn more.. trust me on that.. and try memorising the dictunary lestin to alot of english music and practice all the time..

02:34 PM May 03 2007 |



United Kingdom

dont be afraid to make mistakes

if you have a chance to talk with foreign people it is good for you

if not, watching movies with english subtitles and listening music will help you

it is also entertainingWink

10:20 PM May 03 2007 |



Hong Kong

if you think that communicate with the others is a harsh task, you may start with reading articles aloud first. As you are reading, you can change your incorrect intonation and pronounciation. If you want to speak like a foreigner, you should watch more english films, so that you can learn their intonation.Remember "practice makes perfect".Good luck!Laughing

12:41 AM May 04 2007 |



learning english is not as difficult as we thought . english is  just a tool ,and we use it to communicate with people from different nations . so oral engliah is a big deal. maybe first time whem we meet a foreign people ,it is diffcult for us to open our mouth to speak english . but keep in your mind ,be self-confident is just the first step you approach to success . good luck!!!Embarassed

02:39 AM May 04 2007 |



The more you speak (even if you are not sure it's right), the better your english will be… I think it's a matter of confidence!

You'd better try to communicate with foreigners, but you can also try to read articles and watch some movies and then make a speech on them. It's gonna help you a lot. Ohh you can sing songs in English as well! :)

Good luck!

03:56 AM May 04 2007 |





04:56 AM May 04 2007 |




just read news papers and watch english movies.

talk with your friends this might help you.

03:50 AM May 05 2007 |



just so so. and i am doing thses things. I think i will improve my oral enlish. and now i will find a friend to chat in voice. maybe my english will imrpove quickly.

do you agree with me ?

04:19 AM May 05 2007 |

winter jujube


I have the same feeling with Joyce Guo , and feel nervous when I talk to others in english. I want to find friend who can chat with me in english. my msn is

03:54 AM May 06 2007 |