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What a woman wants in a man




Original List:
1. Handsome
2. Charming
3. Financially successful
4. A caring listener
5. Witty
6. In good shape
7. Dresses with style
8. Appreciates finer thing
9. Full of thoughtful surprises
10. An imaginative, romantic lover

What I Want in a Man, Revised List (age 32)
1. Nice looking
2. Opens car doors, holds chairs
3. Has enough money for a nice dinner
4. Listens more than talks
5. Laughs at my jokes
6. Carries bags of groceries with ease
7. Owns at least one tie
8. Appreciates a good home-cooked meal
9. Remembers birthdays and anniversaries
10. Seeks romance at least once a week

What I Want in a Man, Revised List (age 42)
1. Not too ugly
2. Doesn't drive off until I 'm in the car
3. Works steady – splurges on dinner out occasionally
4. Nods head when I'm talking
5. Usually remembers punch lines of jokes
6. Is in good enough shape to rearrange the furniture
7. Wears a shirt that covers his stomach
8. Knows not to buy champagne with screw-top lids
9. Remembers to put the toilet seat down
10. Shaves most weekends

What I Want in a Man, Revised List (age 52)
1. Keeps hair in nose and ears trimmed
2. Doesn't belch or scratch in public
3. Doesn't borrow money too often
4. Doesn't nod off to sleep when I'm venting
5. Doesn't re-tell the same joke too many times
6. Is in good enough shape to get off the couch on weekends
7. Usually wears matching socks and fresh underwear
8. Appreciates a good TV dinner
9. Remembers your name on occasion
10. Shaves some weekends

What I Want in a Man, Revised List (age 62)
1. Doesn't scare small children
2. Remembers where bathroom is
3. Doesn't require much money for upkeep
4. Only snores lightly when asleep
5. Remembers why he's laughing
6. Is in good enough shape to stand up by himself
7. Usually wears some clothes
8. Likes soft foods
9. Remembers where he left his teeth
10. Remembers that it's the weekend

What I Want in a Man, Revised List (age 72)
1. Breathing
2. Doesn't miss the toilet.

06:17 PM Aug 06 2009 |

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 second paragraph I find pretty much reasonable. Does it mean that I am 32 or do I have to reconsider my outlook on partner selection ?

  lol the last one is beyond any discussion :)

07:29 PM Aug 06 2009 |




Lala:- I guess you're rightLaughing


mothman:- it's just a joke Tongue out


lana:- I CAN'T tell about men's wishes Sealed  (immagine why)


Cayenne:- è stato un piacere Cool

06:39 AM Aug 07 2009 |




Manu..I think what I want in  my man is combination from all your list….(include list for age 72..Laughing)

08:54 AM Aug 07 2009 |




does this one satisfied you popi?

11:18 AM Aug 07 2009 |




umm,I want my man is mature
,sucessful and wiseCool

11:31 AM Aug 07 2009 |



women want just slave  to fellow her.to apply her orders.

to practice her instructions word by word.

to say to her (what a beautiful girl you are.i have never ever seen  a pretty girl like you)

women are always changing (may be it is a psychlogical disorder)

not all women.

05:55 PM Aug 07 2009 |




obosalahaddine, did a woman make you suffer?

12:08 PM Aug 08 2009 |



The truth a woman wants a man that has her time and is financially stable

09:25 PM Aug 09 2009 |




Life is tough, and dull sometimes, so we need someone to be with us supportively and understandingly, even silently sometimes.


So pls don't ask what a woman wants from a man. I assume people just need each other…...



01:42 AM Aug 10 2009 |


Virgin Islands, U.S.

I think women want a man to be humorous, have a good job or study hard at school. Your appearances are not very important. A man have to be a good listener and respect women. Be thoughtful and love her

01:59 AM Aug 10 2009 |