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What are you expect in the year 2010?




Thia new year is Begining of new decade… What do we have? And What are we having soon? 

  • Climate changes?
  • Scientific revolution?
  • Research on Large Hadron Collider…
What else…? Please give me your opinion and sorry for my mistakes…

04:11 PM Dec 25 2009 |

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Some words about LHC. I was in Geneva, and I saw this magnificient piece. I hope it will bring us more usefull information about our world (actually, when the smaller hadron collider's were being built, the Internet was made!)

I think that climat changes are connected with our planet natural rythm, and maby we shouldn't panic so much (but there are more informed people in that subject than me, i'm afraid… xD )


05:25 PM Dec 28 2009 |



Exactly , I don't know the answers ,but I hope the climate will become batter and better .

11:57 AM Dec 30 2009 |



 I am just a common human being, so many big events happened every year but i don't care about, I just want people around me can be happy and healthy. In the new year, I hope I can get a high position and get more salary.

Oh, I also hope this world can keep peace and no war! This is the basic factor that can keep our human being getting what they want. 


12:40 AM Dec 31 2009 |




I'm about to think what will happen this upcoming year. Well, We need to pray hard for the betterment of our world. We need hope, change, respect,love each other and care of our planet. 

01:21 AM Dec 31 2009 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

No Racist

07:51 AM Jan 01 2010 |