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read it!!!!!! just a letter to make friend with all.....^^



Viet Nam

Hello all!

First i ll introduce a little bit abt myself. Im a student. 22yrs old. My major is hotel and restaurant management.  My english is good. But i really want to improve it better and better . Im eager to learn from all of u, guys. So This is the first reason why i enjoy here.

And the second reason is making friends on the world. I really really love to make new friends.Cauz ur life will be boring so much without friends, rite??? I had  Canadian, Turkish, Thailand, Chinese friends….and i want more and more…..

Uhm, wat else do u want to know more abt me????? Contact me and ask me, guys. Dont be shy….hehehe

Im here and waiting for u, all.

Hope to recieve ur replies as soon as possible.

We ll have great time each other and learn more.

And these r  my email addresses:

1/ teju_teju12 @ yahoo.com

2/ teru246 @ hotmail.com

Okie, now i must to say goodbye for u.But hope to see u soon

Have fun, guys.

Teru ^^

04:55 AM May 30 2007 |

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I am tina,I like make friends,too. i hope we can be friends!my mail address is .

welcome to send mail to me!

Have fun!


07:41 AM May 30 2007 |



Russian Federation

Hello, man!


It's right idea to use the photo, which is with beautiful woman. May I do it in next time! :)

So you've already had friend from Russia… :)



11:35 AM May 30 2007 |





i'm cjf,i'm a chinese man,i want to be your friend,and you can e-mail to me,

my e-mail:

if you want to understand china,you can ask me.

12:52 PM May 30 2007 |



Now I might be te second girl who answers to your message but if you are still willing we can get in touch and in no time improve our English.

If you want to know more write to:

01:56 PM May 30 2007 |



Viet Nam

To Tina,cif, claudia : i couldnt see ur emails…...so sorry!!!!

To Ivan: i still dont have a friend from Russia, so u want to be mine??? Im very happy to make friend with u, Ivan…

Hey, u can choose a beautiful pix like me to be ur avatar….its okie…No problem…...but i want to say that im a girl…..not a man…...^^ Nice!

05:09 AM May 31 2007 |



Russian Federation

Teru, 'your memories sleeps with other' (its  Russian speech). Have you forgotten about Bacek? He's from Russia. :) By the way, we may be friends! :)

What about your sex? It makes no difference to me…. Just you have to be a good person. :)

05:55 AM May 31 2007 |




i am glad to see your letter.

i am a chinese boy.i suppose that you are chinese too.you say that you want to talk with english.

so i want to talk english with you.

my msn is huabeixp at hotmail . com

i wait you!!of course!!

09:01 AM May 31 2007 |




nice to meet you ! I am also a chinese!Hope we can be friends!

my e-mail is     yeyuxiao307(a)yahoo.com.cn

if you are free,please send me!


01:14 PM Jun 07 2007 |




Hello teru,

our life is hopless without friends and friendship ,so nice and very glad to see you.

my e-mail is hocine.azzouz@hotmail.cWinkm

02:09 PM Jun 07 2007 |

cheer manal


Hi teru!

 Iam new here, and i actually have the same purpose as you, i wish that we could help each other in improving our english, iam called nawal living in morocco i will be happy if we keep in touch

warm greetings

10:11 PM Jan 25 2012 |