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Dear Mulism friends...




Surfing the net i came across at this pic below.

It stoke me deeply so I ask you….do you wear the burka? if it is, are you happy to do this or you're constrict by your "life country".

It's just a question, I hope you won't take offence. 


02:34 PM Feb 09 2010 |

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i talked with my Muslim friends for that matter.

hey told me that they feel safe and protected in the burka not just physically, but also on the mind. ..

It made me very confused ,

when most people use cigarettes and alcohol to seek a temporary mental relief, we really can say who is more liberal, who is more calm, who is better??


02:58 PM Feb 09 2010 |




We ve got many Muslims in our country, the mainland and its autonomous regions.

Let me share my interactions with Muslim beliefs.

Most Muslims believe that face of the lady should be visible for ready recognition, however, the head and body curves should be covered with a loose cloth not nesissarily the burqa. this very restriction however does not stop from performing any kinds of jobs. interestingly in our neighbouring Muslim country pakistan, i ve learnt that women are the fighter pilots as well besides being doctors, professors, architacts, consultabtants, bankers etc etc. the cloth restriction is also upto a certain age limit and does not apply on elderly ones.

i ve shown the very iamge that u ve posted, and the people are of the opinion that it probably aims at tarnishing the real teachings of Muslims.   

04:32 PM Feb 09 2010 |




I'm a Muslim and I don't wear the burka. Though the reason that most Muslims do wear it is exactly as Enlai has said, and that is because a lot of Muslim women feel protected by it since they wouldn't want to 'parade' their body around lustful wandering eyes. It is also seen as an expression of feminine modesty, since they believe their body is something that only their husbands should lay eyes on and not some stranger. And don't worry manu you're not offending anyone =)

04:47 PM Feb 09 2010 |