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do you believe in love at the first sight , why or why not ?

jesus freak


Don`t answer a question with another question please

06:06 AM Jun 19 2010 |

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jesus freak


pretty answer

08:42 AM Jun 19 2010 |



ı belive so much.

because love looks like electrıc…

when she or he see firsttime to ecahother ..they shoud feel love…

ıf they dont feel..love never be with them…

ı dont belive that people will ın love later.

true love must be at the first sight .

love is most beaoutiful thing over the world. 

pls let yourhearth love ..maybe you can not find anychance again.



10:55 AM Jun 19 2010 |




Not really. The concept of "love at first sight" is more of an infatuation to a total stranger (in most cases brought upon by attraction to the appearance of said stranger) than actual love. Love at first sight only works in fairy tales =)

11:36 AM Jun 19 2010 |

jesus freak


thank you

12:39 PM Jun 19 2010 |





08:35 PM Jun 19 2010 |



i think that…..the love at first sight can be only at the beginning, but after some time , when you have found out him …...or her…this love at first sight will have gone

05:55 AM Jun 21 2010 |



hey friends

dont think so much about that.

ıf you fall ın love at the first sight..what a beaoutiful..

it is mean you are lucky.

pls live yourlove with all of yourfeelings.

maybe again you can not find.

yeterday finished..today live..tomorrow we dont know whatever will be.

11:10 AM Jun 21 2010 |




I don't deny the fact that it would be beautiful and great to find someone and fall in love with them at first sight yet at the same time I don't think it's practical. You need to make sure if said person is right for you, whether their mannerisms are acceptable or whether they're trustworthy or not. A rat is a rat no matter where it's from, what it does, and what it believes in.

04:00 PM Jun 21 2010 |



You are 100% right KoKo….....its not at first sight.

There are some basic steps for any fruitful relationship. in short

1. Selection , 2. Introduction, and then if both like to each other tie up in friendship and lastly when develope feeling and if it strong feeling for someone is called in general language love.

I am sorry, I dont have time now to go in depth.

C u soon


12:54 PM Jun 23 2010 |

su mint

su mint


When two strangers meet the right time and place ,they will love at the first sight.

03:57 AM Jun 25 2010 |