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Canadian vs Americn Accent




I'm Canadian and a lot of students ask me about the difference between Canadian and American accents.  The truth is that it really depends on which part of the US or Canada you are from.  I am from Toronto, and a lot of Americans I meet will ask me, "Which part of the US are you from?"  Even they don't know.  People from Toronto sound a lot like people from the North Eastern part of the US.  George Bush, sounds totally different, but he's from Texas in the south.  He sounds pretty ridiculous in my opinion.  Haha.

Anyway, if you want to learn a pretty standard or normal Canadian or American accent, you should check out this program.  It's really natural and will help you improve your English accent just by listening.

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08:45 AM Sep 13 2010 |

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great ..thanx 4 the info – btw i like Canada soooooooooo much n  hope to live there :)

08:29 AM Sep 14 2010 |

Sofia François


ow thanks alot =D

03:00 PM Sep 14 2010 |




Smile interersting

11:19 AM Sep 19 2010 |