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something i want to share with u guys!



Viet Nam

Hi guys!

Its night here, guys.And i m alone in my room…..Sad!so i  ve joined in englishbaby to find some interesting things ….....I ve read some in forum, but nothing made me impressed!!!!!

I saw that lots of people here want to make friends…....always say that they want to a true friendship here or penpals or something else???? but they can define wat a true friendship is?? I wonder if they truly want it and be serious abt it???Or just for fun…....!!!!

I ve writen a letter to make friends with all here too…....I was eager to find a true friend here….....but now so disappointed!!!!!

Its to difficult to find a true friend here…..i mean on internet…....So i think the best way is making friends in ur real life…....

wat do u think guys?

Teru Teru(0)

11pm- Vietnam

03:39 PM Jul 11 2007 |

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Hi, Teru!

Don't lose your hope! I found some good friends here, really! With some of them I chat regularly through MSN. Of course it is a little bit difficult to talk to all of them because of the time zone and other factors like work, studies, etc, but it is not impossible! When we don't chat we send messages to each other or e-mails, to tell the news.

I think you should give it a try and see what happens…

I'd be happy to chat with you and become your friend. Send me a message with your MSN address and your name and we can talk a little, what do you think? 

Best vibes. 

05:12 PM Jul 11 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

i gree with u Teru most of internet users dont trust such as freindship and if it happened it will not remain for a long time its like clothes changing


10:20 PM Jul 11 2007 |




We should live every moment of life forget about what will happen cos chating here on net, nobody can touch u, hurt u and cant do anything so it depends on you if u realize the person, u chating with, genuine then keep on chating otherwise u can stop to chat anytime, everyone wanna change so why u & I not

10:19 AM Jul 12 2007 |




i think u have a point there! but u can find good friends in the internet, too. or at least nice and friendly people to talk to! if you are ready to find friends here then you will find them! just have a try – if u want to :)

10:29 AM Jul 12 2007 |




yes, you are right. it is hard to find a real friend, but it is not possible

08:46 AM Jul 13 2007 |




hope you can succeed for that

02:10 PM Jul 13 2007 |




would u like to be a friend of mine

08:02 AM Jul 18 2007 |



Moldova, Republic Of

in this situation there are positive aspects and negative too. I mean, you can relax and have fun telling different stories, things and you can also present yourself as a young, strong boy when the true may be exactly opposite (you may have grandsons already!). But the negative aspect is that in this way you can't exactly know if the other person who you are talking to isn't cheating on you in the same mood… So, you are the person who choose how to make friends. But anyway, you can find realy good "boys" and "girls" here, when you have time you can join the chat also. bye.

09:37 AM Jul 18 2007 |