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who can translate this sentence into chinese? Thanks!!



Now they're looking down the barrel of a Fed move.

04:00 PM Aug 06 2007 |

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United States

I think it would be difficult to translate this directly. It has idioms that are allusions to things that are not literal. It makes the analogy, for the sake of impact, to a notion that the Federal government attacks individuals or companies like someone having a loaded gun barrel pointed at their head. So a "Fed move" is the anticipation of a government inquiry in the near future, that may lead to terrible consequences.

For a literal translation, I put this through Babelfish:

Now they will have scrutiny of the government. 

And I got this in return:


My Chinese is not good enough to know that this exactly expresses what I asked of Babelfish, but it is what they say the translation is. 

P.S.: If the "Fed" they are talking about is the "Federal Reserve Bank" in the USA, this could have a whole different meaning. Not enough context is provided to fully explain what they might mean by that. 

09:17 AM Aug 07 2007 |

May luo


I think the Chinese meaning maybe this: 现在他们正在等待政府的进一步调查。Will, it's just what I guess. 

02:29 AM Aug 09 2007 |





i guess.

04:17 AM Aug 10 2007 |




saw explanation of mike,i think this sentence means:现在,政府将对他们进行调查。

05:53 AM Aug 10 2007 |