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Could You do me a favour? - Little Birghtay Movie for Girlfriend




My name is Kamil. I am from Poland.

Soon I mean 14 October 2011 my girlfriend will have her’s 23th birthday …and that is why I would like to do for her a little movie with greetings from various countries….

Hmm I mean I imagine that, as 23 people from various countries give her a birthday greetings in theirs native languages….

You know I don’t know if anyone will like that idea…but if I will do that I know that Monika ( its my girlfriend’s name ) will be very happy…maybe even proud :-) of mine…

And there is my request… could You send me an emails with short movies with greetings for her, I will be very appreciate…

It will be really nice if u will write in Yours email Yours name and the name of country and language in which You are speaking…

There is my email : kamilalva@wp.pl or kujawa_kamil@op.pl

If You have any questions please ask me

ps. I know that my english skills are bad ,  all the time I try to improve it …bot I am really sorry for mistakes…

ps2. If You would like I can send You a movie when it will be done.

Thank You very much,


08:12 PM Aug 02 2011 |

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This is a great Idea, very romantic, on the one hand, and very uniting, on the other,  coz u will feel a part of a big family, UNIVERSE. So I take part, just need some time. Smile

08:30 AM Aug 03 2011 |



Thakn You very much….i will be w8ing for video:


06:57 PM Aug 03 2011 |



hey kamil i would send you avidoe of mine if i wans’t just a polish girl;) haha,so i just can’t help,but i’m really curious about the whole vidoe of greetings that you could get…feel free to share it with me if you want.

I can ask my friends to send their greetings to me for you..i can’t promise i’ll get any,but trying doesn’t hurt;)

06:40 PM Aug 04 2011 |



sorry for misspelling…i was typing too fast:)

06:41 PM Aug 04 2011 |



Thank You TranceGIrl I will be really appreciate :)

08:20 PM Aug 05 2011 |



:( I dont receive any movie:(((...Please if You will find some time…You can record Yourself witf cellphone caera, or computer 1,3 MPx camera(notebook camera)

it is not neccessity to be in high quality or sth…

Best regards,


08:19 PM Aug 11 2011 |