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How did you find Ebaby?Did it benefit you in some ways?How and in what ways?What is your current English level?

Laura Gl

Saudi Arabia

How long have you been using Ebaby?Definitely you are using it for improving English, but why?Is it for travel, studies or any other purpose? Did Ebaby made you a sucessful person?

Tell your views.

12:28 PM Nov 07 2011 |

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Nicte ha

Nicte ha


I have been here since 2 years ago.

Once I was in bad mood, so I entered in google and asked some place to chat in english. Immediately Ebaby appeared.

I was so upset at the begining and couldn’t match with ppl coz they seem to be so different than my culture, but step by step I could get friends here Smile

05:33 PM Nov 13 2011 |



I think i have also been here for about (actually over) 2 years now.

One day i met a cool swedish guy and then i realised how bad my english was,so i decided to learn it untill i speak it perfectly (which probably is never gonna happen hehe).

Anyways…i’ve loved englis since i remember and i just do it cause i love it,it obviously helps by traveling,work etc,but what i get from learning english is just this great feeling:) (not even mentioning about a american accent that i’m so crazy about!:))

06:49 PM Nov 14 2011 |