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The best way

Mr. Learner


What’s the best way to master British accent?!

08:02 AM Nov 01 2012 |

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Move our to Great Britain and live there quite a long of time and speak only English with native speakers :) It’s the best way, in my opinion ;)

11:11 AM Nov 01 2012 |

Mr. Learner


You’re right Patii, but it’s hard to go there and it’s expensive for someone like me.
I was asking about the best way while I’m in my home.

Anyway, thanks for passing by.

01:30 PM Nov 01 2012 |

Irene Forever


Join  “Livemocha”. There you can chat with native speakers. There are lot of them on that great site.

11:34 PM Nov 01 2012 |

Mr. Learner


Thanks a lot Irene. I think it’ll help me.

Thank you

12:03 PM Nov 02 2012 |



Talking to native speakers is definitely the best way to get the accent that’s why you should try the website that Irene Forever mentioned. Watching/listening to british shows, broadcast and etc works out as well as chatting with British people.Well..there’d be nothing better than living in UK, but as long as you don’t have a possibility try the other ways.

Good luck!:)

03:49 PM Nov 04 2012 |

Mr. Learner


Sinderella wen,
Thanks for sharing your opinion.
Thanks for website, too, and sorry for not replying.

Trance Girl,
Thank you, I think you’re right, watching and listening will help a lot.
Good luck to you too

05:03 PM Nov 04 2012 |