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Hello guys, 

I have a great plan to work on our spoken skills, but I would need someone who is motivated to go through it as well. 

I’m planning on a 30min-1h daily conversation via Skype to improve our speaking skills. For those interested, here’s my skype ID: tilwayne

If you’re interested, contact me I’ll tell you the details, but make sure you’re serious and truly want to work on your skills.

PS: Not looking for professional tutoring, so those looking for money just keep away.

Take care

05:18 PM Sep 27 2013 |

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Sri Lanka

yes,actually I would like to contact with you.


04:23 AM Sep 28 2013 |



Russian Federation

yes, I’d like to contact with you too. my skype freya_852 please add me. see you

09:16 AM Oct 24 2013 |