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Why Iranians used to chant "Death to America"



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

is that an ideological aspect to say the America is the great satan?

what means “the great satan”?

is that for the historic background of the america?

do the function of america in the world confirms the functions of an existance we know as satan?

considering the historic especific relations between america and the other countries should iranian people forget this slogan?

 How many wars america has started during its short history?

03:28 PM Dec 22 2013 |

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05:01 PM Dec 22 2013 |





06:51 AM Dec 23 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

this question is special  how many of you know about iran revolotion

how many of you know the previos cing of iran

how many of you know  the firs revolotion in iran

how many of you know about 8 year war after iran revolotion

and  do you know   why iranian say  big satan  to america  becus they was not right with irannan people for long years a bout 60 years


01:57 PM Dec 24 2013 |




1. revolution?  or Islamic brutality domination.

2. the Shah was bad leader but better than the Iyatollah regime.

3.the 8 years war was between muslims not between America and Iran.

4.the  big satan are Ayatollah Khomeini , Khamenei, and najad .

02:24 PM Dec 24 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it is not all iranians chant but afew of them. media in iran is governmental and only reflex the voice and news they want. many of iranians opposite “down with” chants. although the crime of some countries like israel is not confirmed with us and any humanbeing.

06:48 AM Dec 27 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi Oscar73- pls look at the below questiones?

Why do you kill Palestinian people? they have not any weapen?but you kill womens;childrens , young person why?

what’s your aim ? killing for living

The Iranian people like the worldwide peopole and try to make relation with them exception Null Isreal .

03:50 AM Dec 30 2013 |

afsaneh ali

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Its not something related to Islam. we, as moslems are recomened to live like brothers and sisters with other people. these are all power and authority games, in which people are the victims, and unfortunatly no one cares and surprisingly sometimes victims are satisfied.

Its not Iranians or Americans fault

10:17 AM Dec 31 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Iranians dont have problem with Amarican people.They have problem with amarican government because they want to make decision for all countri but we want to be independent and also we are looking for peace.

10:35 AM Jan 02 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey Dear Nu Pogodi!!

I am happy seeing you after awile, thank you!

I have my own opinion about the U.S. My opinion is made of the information I have about the history. I belive the US government have not been as it’s naton was deserved. I skimed through the link you send (thx for it!!).

helping dictator’s who served the US favorits, to intrude the independent nations (by wars, by dividing nations and making war between them, using mass distruction weapons (always for the first time), making/helping terorist groups which are killing innocent people every day, not tolerating the revolutions against fellow american dictators (governments) and calling them terorists, opposing sanctions against them, using mass media against independent governments, using the UN as the veil for activities…, degradation culturs…, making wars to sell weapons, if you see the weapons trade and the intrests of sellers in crisis…

if you just allocate a short time you may find examples for those I wrote above and you may find more titles even. e.g: “the role of america in …”

in relation to my own country you may find more worse have done by the England Royal even than by US, with our nation Sadam was a Satan in a human body, but you see there were revolutions in Iraq against him, infact Sadam was favored by the US government.

11:10 AM Jan 04 2014 |




the action will come, dont worry.

02:59 PM Jan 26 2014 |