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let's play a game:) i'll write something about someone and you have to guess name of that person:) person who guess will describe next person:) it can be fantasy or real person ok? I'll begin


category: film

 This person is one of the main actors in "Lost.".. His plain crashed somewhere in pacific ocean… He is one of the 40 survivors who live in a wild island… In Sidney his dad died. We know him as a person who helping other survivors… 

 Ok:) that was simply i think:)

04:13 PM Sep 25 2007 |

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hello dear anna my name hakan from turkey how are you ? ı answer become baby  my  e mail  :) thje love

02:39 PM Sep 26 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


Hahaha, no, I don't think that is the right answer! Sorry Anna but I don't know the real answer but someone will I'm sure.

My question is : Film

This is a film classic starring two of the most famous actors (actor and actress) in film history. They travel down a river in Africa becoming friends on the way. What was the film and who were the actors?


02:55 PM Sep 26 2007 |



he is a doctor i think his nam jone

06:37 PM Sep 26 2007 |




Ok the answer to the first question …. Jack.

The answer to the second question …. Queen of the Nile Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn  (1951)

Ok my question ….

This woman from eastern Europe discovered  "Mother of Modern Physics"—pioneer in research about radioactivity, a word she coined. Born in Warsaw. (1867-1934)

Do you know her name? 

08:31 PM Sep 26 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


Almost got it Sam. Wrong movie, right actors.

Marie Curie is the answer to your question.

My Question: Famous early Russian film with an incredible montage shot on the Odessa Steps.

11:44 PM Sep 26 2007 |




"mapleleaf man"
  i have no idea:P

01:17 PM Sep 27 2007 |




First of all, I'd like to express my gratefulness to this awesome invention:InternetWink

Mapleleaf Man, you mean:"The Battleship Potemkin" a 1925 movie by Sergei Eisenstein. The sequence on the Odessa Steps is also called Potemkin Stairs, It seems to deal about a mother among a civilians masacre with her son in her arms begging the soldiers to stop shooting.Just a bit later she's fired.

03:35 PM Sep 27 2007 |




Ah! My character!

We are dealing with a girl who was born the 15th of March in 1962 thanks to his artistic father:Quino.Describing her is meeting with a bunch of ironic and smart questions,at the age of six she is always worried by injustice,racism,nuclear weapons…defending peace and human rights wherever she goes. The Beatles drives her crazy and her mother is always in trouble when is trying to make eat soup to this cute little woman.She lives with her parents and his brother:Guille in Buenos Aires and counts with a fancy gang, Reading her comics is really worthy.

04:13 PM Sep 27 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


Newcastle, I hope the answer is Mafaldo. I cheated and searched your clues on Google. I confess.

Your're right, it was The Battleship Potemkin.

The answer to my first one is The African Queen.


OK, my character: She is a detective, very popular with young girls. She solves every case she is involved with and just made her first movie!  

08:47 PM Sep 27 2007 |



 u r ryt!!

05:58 PM Sep 28 2007 |