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Hi there! I don’t get it! Dose anyone know the meaning of sentense “I remember my boss asking multiple times if I had a girlfriend, when I thought it was obvious after two, three times, responding and sort of laughing to that question, she might get it.” ? Please tell me! This sentense is too long for me to understand. Also, does anyone who read the article about “Rainbow Underground” in this website teach me where euphemism is used in this article?

09:17 AM May 08 2006 |

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Yes, the sentence is long and a bit difficult to understand. The meaning is that he didn’t want to say to his boss, “I am gay!”, so he just laughed and avoided the question. He thought that his boss would “get the hint” that he was gay and stop asking.
“Rainbow Underground” is the title of the lesson. The phrase doesn’t appear in the article. A rainbow is the symbol for gay culture, and the word “underground” means secretive, or not accepted by the majority of people.

04:39 PM May 08 2006 |



Thank you so much. Now I understand that there is euphemism in this long sentense.

06:22 PM May 08 2006 |



Thank you so much. I’m beginning to understand about gay culcure a little bit.

06:28 PM May 08 2006 |



ı dont speak but understand of reading I know I should be make exercises.I learn english .Can you help me

03:53 PM May 11 2006 |



I would be glad if there is anything I can help you.

02:32 AM May 12 2006 |



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03:57 AM Jun 12 2006 |

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12:27 PM Oct 21 2006 |

hottie one

hottie one

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02:07 PM Apr 12 2007 |