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whats the meaning of life?





who knows about it?

01:02 PM Nov 01 2007 |

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Christmas Island

making good relationship with the others ,improve skill,search goals,do the thing you think it's meanfull,be a success man and enjoy your life.

01:07 PM Nov 01 2007 |




 The meaning of life in my opinion making good relationship with the others, be sucefull on the field you on, get better life syle and enjoy with it.  

03:09 PM Nov 01 2007 |

Lily :)

Lily :)

Russian Federation

I believe nobody knows it. I believe it's too sophisticated for human beings now to understand it… But this question reminds me of one extract from Chuck Palahniuk's book 'Lullaby':

Centuries ago, sailors on long voyages used to leave a pair of pigs on every deserted island. Or they'd leave a pair of goats. Either way on any future visit, the island would be a source of meat. The sailors, the next time they visited these islands, the only things still there would be herds of goats and pigs. The sailors called this "seeding meat". Does this remind you of anything? Maybe the ol' Adam and Eve story? You ever wonder when God's coming back with a lot of barbecue sauce?

It's not my opinion, it's just an extract from the book, but it impressed me a lot!!

03:09 PM Nov 01 2007 |


Viet Nam

The meaning of life in my opinion is helping everyone, making every child living in a happy life 

03:11 PM Nov 01 2007 |



life, to me, just enjoy the things what i doing…

03:36 PM Nov 01 2007 |




Life's ingredients are all of the feelings and thoughts there are, put into action matching any decision we do on each of our interaction with other people and our surroundings.

Life is what we make it. :-) 

12:55 AM Nov 02 2007 |




LIFE is a GIFT from God, that s why we should be grateful for each time we have. We have to value everything we get. WE live only Once, we cant turn back the clock. Just make sure everything we do, it has a meaning for everyone, for the world and MOST for GOD, eventhough we know as well GOD never ASKING….GOD always GIVING..

08:09 AM Nov 02 2007 |




yeah.. evertihng is true in our life…But dont forget life goes on…and we must smile, enjoy, and meet other people, like you said…

11:30 AM Nov 02 2007 |



life has no meaning its self because people give to life a meaning so you should search in your aims what your life looks like no? hink about that anyway its just an opinion.

04:46 PM Nov 02 2007 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The meaning of life in my opinion is helping everyone and finde good frien.Kiss

07:28 PM Nov 06 2007 |