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Talking about one's culture



Hi everybody!

This is a gateway to know about others'cultures : one reads about another's culture then speaks about theirs. For Example:

I am Anass from Morocco. Morocco is situated in North Africa.It has borders with Algeria(East)Mautitania (South) The Atlantic OceanWEST) Th Mediterranean(North). It is far from Europe about 15 kilometres(Spain). The official language is Arabic, but Amazigh is also spoken by a wide range of people. Islam is the religion of the Moroccans but there is also a small minority of Jews. Some of the traditional dishes are: Couscous, Tajin, Pastilla… As for clothes, we have Jellaba, kaftan,Sharbil… Moroccans are renowned for their hospitality and respect for the others. Some of its international cities are: Fes, Marrakesh,Agadir, Rabat… (By THE WAY, MOROCCO IS A TOURISTIC COUNTRY ). This is by no means a thorough description of  Morocco but just a means to practise the language.

What about your country?


03:20 PM Nov 17 2007 |

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    Hi everyone .i am joanna,from China.yes China has a long history. Maybe everyong has a intersting in our language and history.was born in changsha hunan province.it is a beautiful city ,people in our city are gentle and friends.the entertaining in out city is famous in our country,if you have any time to travelling,maybe you can go to our city.                China is opening its doors to welcome new ideas from all over the world.( you can see a lot of foreign freneds in our country,,not merely in studying but also working and travelling.)  This also the method that has brought success to our travel,industry,and export  and so on .our country pay more attention on education.it is developing well not because of good infrastucture ,but of eagerness for learning by inquiring mind.

<!-EndFragment->eijing ,our capital .will hold the 2008 olympic games.wish to see you there.



06:19 AM Nov 24 2007 |



upstairs ```you drive me crazy…

07:16 AM Nov 24 2007 |




i am from india    u  know   our country  call  we have difrient culture  hindu and muslim and christan budiset   and manyt more all live  wd love  you  i like english   urdu  very mutch   becaused  english ur very  impressave    and lok god   my  wish  to learn english well and know whole  world  becaused  we all  are  best creation of  god there  no  hate  one and other  becaused we all are created by  god   even black  or  white  skin  not imp   its  heart   its very imp   so love all and give care  all    to  understand other  i love   if some oine  teach me englesh good god bless u all …...and my country is    inda     but  my state  is good place  its  called  haven on earth  jammu&kashmri   so  pray  for each  other and   try to  help  each and other god bless u all

07:28 AM Nov 24 2007 |



Thanks to everyone who has let us know about their culture. Going back to China, no one can deny the huge efforts made by the Chinese to be a member of the leading countries in the world and in deed it is one of them. I admire very much the hardwork done by these people. My wish is to visit the country of the great Mow Tsi Tong- sorry for the misspelling- one day.

09:29 PM Nov 24 2007 |


Trinidad and Tobago

This forum is very diverse.

I am from Trinidad, a little island to the north east of Venezuela.

We speak English.

I would say we are a fairly cosmopolitan nation.

We have people from Panama, Lebanon, Syria and China among others.

You can eat tamales, gyros or Char sui Kai Fan.

The climate is tropical. 

11:15 PM Nov 25 2007 |