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plz answer this


Viet Nam

Change "I'd like someone to introduce me to them" into passive voice. Thanks so much

01:10 PM Jul 10 2006 |

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"I would like to be introducing to them by someone"

i'm not sure I just tried to help you

see you soon! ur friend anas!

04:46 PM Jul 18 2006 |


Viet Nam

Thanks so much. Nice 2 be ur friend. I think we can chat and practise English. My name is Phuong.

12:34 PM Jul 19 2006 |

Starting Over

United States

"I would like to be introduced to them."

or you can say "I'd like to be introduced to them by someone." but you really don't have to add "by someone" cuz in this sentence it's not important.

 Take care. Your friend Lulloooo

12:06 AM Jul 20 2006 |



completely agree with starting over

03:26 AM Jul 20 2006 |



I can't agree with you any more. starting over

02:05 AM Jul 23 2006 |

conan kiddy


i  would like to be introcued  to them

09:08 AM Jul 23 2006 |