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we are god or ghost?



You think you are god or ghost?   In your mind what's kind of people is god or ghost?

11:15 AM Feb 09 2008 |

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The god is the people believes in the worship the object, what but is opposite talks about the ghost, the people feel the terror, the fear, the people abstain from the ghost, the dynasty worship, did not say first has them, you may once think the ghost and the god were only actually you like differently, ability strong and the weak

11:31 AM Feb 09 2008 |




You must know that we are neither God or ghost. We are only human. We were created by God.

12:01 PM Feb 09 2008 |



North Korea

God and Ghost are spiritual beings, but actual nor physical.

But we see persons for we are both of spiritual and physical.

If I try to discuss about your question, 'are you god or ghost', I can say that it depends on who you are.

those who love others and do good to them, will be called god, however, those who do evil to others, will be called ghost which terrify people.

Are you doing good to others? If so, you are god.


12:36 PM Feb 09 2008 |



We are not god , but sometimes we are ghost.In our world , many poor victims are killed by others or in accidents . The killers and who cause the accidents are all ghost. They never care about others and never realise what is responsibility. Most of them just want to gain things for their benifits only and they are always though and dangerous . They are real ghost .For the people who love others and make great contributions to our society , I think we couldn't treat them as god but real human beings. Making contribution is just what we human beings should do , it is our responsibility and somthing we can't escape from.

04:41 PM Feb 10 2008 |




we are absolutely, not a God. we are only the creatures, which have personality and responsibilities on the earth, to do the best in front of God. ghost? may be sometimes we are devil exactly, as a looser as well as the sin maker. that's just for our reflection.

03:29 AM Feb 11 2008 |



Yes,maybe you believe that our human beings are made by god,but if you think for a while,you would find many of us do sth like god,they are kind ,they will help others ,even though they know they will lost their lifes.Also there are many of us do sth like ghost,they are cruel,they will kill others,even though they know those poor people will be a threaten to them

08:54 AM Feb 11 2008 |