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Life Talk!

losing a best friend...

Yenoh Henrry

Viet Nam

so sad to say these things … i had a best friend for 4 years and i am losing this friendship …The reason is so childish … She has a boyfriend… since this time, there is a huge space between us … i do not know why…..

07:58 PM Sep 30 2006 |

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may be you can have a new start . Good luck to you!

11:26 PM Sep 30 2006 |



that is really  a childish reason/

but ,a boyfriend can instead of a close friend?i  never think of  that

iam sure your friend will respect your friendship soon or later ,what u should do  ,i think , is give her some time /

05:43 AM Oct 03 2006 |




Please do not think that you are losing your bestfriend. I guess that she is only excited to be with his boyfriend and probably prefers to give more attention to him. Just try to understand her. For sure, she has not forgotten you as her bestfriend. One of these days, she'll come to you and apologize for her shortcomings.

07:10 AM Oct 03 2006 |




Life  is like a train… you never know how will you see next place. Maybe you missed the beautiful one,  but you would see the best one. so keep this good memory in your mind and never give up.

02:56 AM Oct 04 2006 |



I think it's hard to have a friend for four years.I admire you. Don't give up ,please. Everything will be OK.

06:28 AM Oct 04 2006 |

Sweet Amy

United States

Hello, everyone!! :) im sure your friend didnt forget u,just give her some time.. and trust me a four year friendship doesnt just end like this, she might be busy and excited about her new boyfriend but she didnt forget u ;) i know how u feel, i have been that person( ur friend) and also been in ur place ,and our friendship is at the best nowLaughing

08:46 AM Oct 04 2006 |




i think you should act like a gentleman

in my opinion, she needs you,but just a friend  

10:50 AM Oct 04 2006 |



you need not so sad ,she is u best friend ,of course ,she doesn,t leave u .she only excited with her boy friend now

01:53 PM Oct 04 2006 |

cute dream


I think that losing fraind is the worst thing in the life because soul mate is hard to find

and when you find it is hard to lose

no body will feel that until he go thrugh this experince



12:48 AM Oct 05 2006 |



if i were you , i will try my best to keep the friendship between us, but i do have to change in some extent to adapt to the new situation

04:11 AM Oct 06 2006 |