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I agree with "Whitechalice" media affect the world's peoples, and I want to add that the "Zionism" is helping so much in forming an international hatred towards Muslims. Also after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991,the U.S was looking for a new enemy because the qualifications for world power status appear to be what they have always been, namely, the economic and military power of a country, and generally the extent of a state’s influence in the world. For some states military power is the main qualification, for others it is economic power. Currently we have the unusual situation of one state the US being the dominant economic and military power, with enormous cultural influence as well. The "Islam" is a peaceful religion respect christianity and Jewish religion,the "Islam" has put an ethical lifestyle to follow,we can see in the"Qur'an" scientific facts were announced after many centuries from "Islam",it is the mercy's religion, there is a famous say for Muslims says that"The religion is how to act and treat people well" . The rhetoric these days is mostly affected by the status of the middle east region,I feel that there were an intellegence informations about the arabian gulf and Iran , so a plan was put to show the "Islam" as a ferocity,No it isn't right ..I swear.The "Islam" respect all the religions. why "Islam" has spread in Indonisia? it exists because the manners of the Muslim traders were nice,and enjoyed the fairness in their deals with the people.The "Islam" the religion has a real conscience, and any hostile attitude is to serve a specific desires and politics…The events will go on


Welcome in Alexandria Lara and every Ebaby! member replied to this topic.

10:29 AM Feb 23 2008 |