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I'm fed up



Hi how is everyone? I've got a problem that I want to share with you.  I've been studying English for along time, and I've reached a good level or it's better to say an advanced level.  But as you all know learning a language never ends, one has to keep studying, and practicing.  And he will always find out things that he knows for the first time.  Here is the point (finally), I'm fed up, and I've got bored.  I feel bad when I face a new word or vocabulary that I don't know.  I feel like, There is no end for my efforts, and I would never be able to say "this is the end, I'm done with English".   

11:40 PM Mar 11 2008 |

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sometimes i screwed up too for a tons of "unfamiliar words" but anyway i like to find whats the meaning of it, so just enjoy studying, and take one at a time, dont push to hard, just one word a day is fine.  :D

03:39 AM Mar 12 2008 |




 I think I've got the same problems like yours, I've studied english for many years…but I did not find myself improving in recent days… and sometimes I feel so exhausted…and don't know what should I do with it..

up to now, I feel my words are still limit… and could not express myself in english easily..

04:18 AM Mar 12 2008 |



to the contrary,i am so insterested in learning english though i am a mathmatics majored student…

in fact,i wanted to learn in a foreign language university,but i failed…never mind,that can not  stop me from learning english!i will try my best and hope i can keep on to the "end",(there's no ending…)and never to be fed up

maybe when we fell tired,we should find some insteresting thing to keep it's fresh to learn english.

it's never too late to learn.and i know it's a long way for me to learn english,anyhow,we can find the interesting things in learning.


06:45 AM Mar 12 2008 |




yeah, like we are talking her..I felt it's interesting now… foreign languege learning enable us to communicate with people from different countries..it's a funny thing..come on…

07:06 AM Mar 12 2008 |

say it right


Well i am olso have these kinds of problems.I've been studying English for a long time but stll dont know each word.The worst thing is to answer i dont know when people ask me a word.

07:10 AM Mar 12 2008 |




I feel as you.. sometimes I can´t find the right word. But I decided to learn English each day, each day some new words. I am on this net site first time… How offen are you here?

10:20 AM Mar 12 2008 |

say it right


 I first entered about six months ago but after that i haven't entered it till yesterday.I saw forum part and i like it.it is more useful than i thought.

04:13 PM Mar 12 2008 |