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Life Talk!

Do you agree or disagree??


United Arab Emirates

DO you agree or disagree tha people should do military survice or community service after finishing their high school??

say why you do agree / or disagree??

06:32 AM Mar 24 2008 |

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thanks, Hakimi. 


Do you think the same facts are true in the Yemeni armed forces? 

11:05 PM Mar 24 2008 |



What parts do you think are not true in the US military?


11:24 PM Mar 24 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

to Hakimi:

I have been asked this question with my colleagues and we were discussting it ,so I liked this question and I thought that I prepost it here … I was excpecting ppl to talk about comminty service as I heard many ppl in the forigne countries  do it ; I have been surprised that all of you talked about the military service!! seems thats should surprise me at all! :)

Thanks Hakemi :) :D

To all:

so guys what do you think about the community service?

I believe thats ppl who do it especially student after high school will make a huge different in their lives

it will teach them to be responsible, to face the real life where not parent supervision will consider as they will ,in future, have to depend on theirselves ; and even make a choice to their feild that they want to choose!:)

06:28 AM Mar 25 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

oh .. I see where thats going….


but in the UAE , we do have military service for the boys.

when students reach the high school they start to do some of the military service in school in special reglulary time …

I have two of my brothers in high school who do the military service as a part of the school thing there :)

thanks Hakemi ,,,, I always like your point of view !!:)

07:53 AM Mar 25 2008 |




Those things may be true in Yemen, but I am inclined to believe they are not true in the US.  

10:06 AM Mar 25 2008 |