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Why I don't want to join any religion...




My conscious doesn't allow me to join any of the religion because

1.Every relgion tells us to 'beleive'... no religion allow us to see with our own eyes.. stories are told how the universe was created,how the human was created .. all seems to be fitions just…

2.Every religion says that their scrptures are pure… they are as they were not corrupted… I feel that religion should be alive there should be provision to amend the religion… only alive things grow… any thing which don't grow is dead… & religion shouldn't be a dead thing…

3.We can interpret the scriptures as we like…scriptures don't say when we misinterpret any word.. so all depends upon interpreter…

4.Every religion says that his words are final revealation… many religions born after every final revealation…. I feel we can't predict future… there might be coming other Gods…other religions… how can we say that these are the final words..

5.Every religion tells us the way how to live life…. I feel every one has his own individuality & has the right to live his life as he likes…& every one lives according to his own ideas even after joining any of the religion… so religion becomes 'just a piece of decoration'... that's why there are so many problems… religion doesn't solve any problem… had religion the capacity to solve problems the problems would have been solved up to now… there are countries where people of only one religion lived… but there are differences too… so religion becomes just a piece of decoration….

6.Evry religion tells us to love & respect otheres… & every one on this earth has this or that religion but see the situation of our planet… justa land of haterednesss.. just groupism to fight with each other… If this is our religion we need to take care of us & we should keep away from the religions.. they are very dangerous…

7.We can't deny existence… It is full of mysteries… no science.. can explain …all explanations are just words of consolation… we can't express even the  taste of water .. which every human consumes every day… what to talk of other mysteries… I feel that… to be existential is the only religiousness… Live God… live existence… share with all… celebrate LIFE itself… celebrate living God.. share with alive humans… share with alive animals… be loving… be respectful to every individual… be kind to everyone… I feel this should be our religion… relgiouness is to followed not religions…..


02:04 AM Apr 03 2008 |

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United States

devin. You can believe whatever you please. But please, please try spell check next time. It is quite a pain to read what you have posted with so many errors. I wanted to keep on reading, but I really don't feel well and I don't think you're grammar and spelling helped me much in staying interested

11:54 AM Apr 05 2008 |

fanni szabo


Not we are the ones who are able to find God, God is the one who calls you. Faith is mercy of God.

03:11 PM Apr 05 2008 |



Mark….get a life and help urself

07:48 PM Apr 05 2008 |




really mark you're a very rude person as you said before everyone has the right to say what he wants ok so you don't have the right to make laugh of him or her the only right you have is to discuss it and to agree or disagree…......

09:35 PM Apr 05 2008 |



Saudi Arabia


Hi devindernagpal

let me tell you something ..

the truth is one , you know that the fact doesn't self-contradictory , if it's fact ,, the truth religion is one , and only one .. there are no two truth religions or more , or we will be contrdictive , because every religion contrdictive with another religion in some of basic principles. So the people that believe in any religion saying we have this truth , actualy they need to say that , because either truth with them or not  ,, even the atheists they saying that , they saying that them know the truth and believe in .. so, where is the truth ? absolutely there is truth in this life …

When you're going to realize and recognize the truth religion , you have to look at that basic principles that everyone in this religion believe in , every religion have basic principles . And read its holy book , if it have one .

you will be confusible if you're depending on what the people acting and saying to judge on the religion .. there are no perfect people no matter what their religion ..

I hope you explore religions again depending on three things :
   1. Basic principles of the religions .
   2. Read their holy books .
   3. There are no perfect people no matter what their religion .



By the way , you're courageous man ,, I respect the courageous people ..

good luck my dear

02:47 AM Apr 06 2008 |



Dear Friends,

I am very sorry for errors in my writtings,it's my bad luck that I couldn't learn to express myself properly,my vocabulary is also short but even then I tyr to express myself,I will be more cautious in future, kindly don't mind.

During my recent postings I have realised that real realigiousnesss of human lies  in one's nature not in religion  alone & religion overlap our basic nature & makes us like a solid rock in genral but there are some people who are saved just because of groundedness in existence  & they are in every religion.So religiousness doesn't lies in religion ,it lies in one's basic nature.

I have gone throgh the profile of 'Can I cry',Sibel she has so beutiful nature although religion has tried his best to kill her innoscense but her real nature has not dimnished completely,it has been saved due to her groundedness in existence.

All of us have heart in which our real relgiousness reside but it is overpowered by the mind which destroys our religiousness or love or respect for others & makes us strong & egoistic to fight with others.

I feel that religions & nations divide us in groups to fight with each other & religion is just a tool in the hands of heads of governments who use them to keep themselves in power. Governers have authority to teach to infants & they teach & train public in such a way to keep safe their power to rule upon them.So they put whole their power to keep burning society so that public may not ask real questions & rights.  

There are also intelligent people who talk through the logic.I feel a real logician is also a religous person.& A real logician is that who put his whole efforts to understand the mysteries of existence & one day he realises the real meaning of mystery & drops his ego & becomes really religious.

12:18 AM Apr 07 2008 |



Dear Fanni szebo,

You are perfectly right,we don't have capacity & authority to find God & it is God who really searches us & gives his heart to feel & enjoy the faith.I agrre & respect your opinion.


01:03 AM Apr 07 2008 |



Dear Blakereiger,

I love admire your  postings because they are always sensible & logical,I salute your power of logic.Really laughing is not prohibited at all especially on this site where all are so close & friendly.You are welcome.

01:11 AM Apr 07 2008 |



Dear NMO,

I respect your views,I feel that everything in this universe is existential but I doubt upon the existentiality of mind.It is always filled with ego makes us feel that I am the only wise person here.

I don't have any doubt about the existential truth,we may feel that I have this religion or that but we can't separate us from the existence,all of us are born through the same process,we breathe in same air,we drink same water, we live on same earth,we are similer in every way,how can we have different creators?

I feel that it is our mind who divide us in groups based upon  relgions & nations but & we are overlapped with religious faiths which kills our senses & makes us hard like rocks & leaves us to fight with each other.Our creator is same.We may call it by any names,all names are just names & away from the real,let's drop our mind & join hands & heart to make this earth livable & loveable.

01:28 AM Apr 07 2008 |



Saudi Arabia


Hi MarkChina

Surely ,, I believe in  what I have written ,, and when I said : there is one religion is true ,, I know that  the Islam is the true religion , and only the islam is true religion in my faith ,, So I'm muslim .. and I thank my god that I'm muslim ..



03:19 AM Apr 07 2008 |