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Life Talk!

Imagine a situation - invite yourself ...




Hello and good evening,

what is your opinion – a member of this forum visit your country and invites itself like – could we meet, have a cup of coffee or something would you be irritated or would you be delighted and meet this person …

Do we have members here, who have met in real life?

Have a nice evening/day, however …

06:59 PM Nov 16 2006 |

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Hello Tabetha,

I have never meet anybody from ebaby in real life yet. But I would like meet several person, some of them even much. I'm sure I wouldn't be irritated if my guest was well known me. But if this person has spoken with me only two times and main theme was weather… then I think yes, I probably would be a bit angry.

Anyway, such appointment can show that a person who we spoke via net with is completely different in reality. But… somethimes is worth to take a risk.

new pic… nice :-)



08:06 PM Nov 18 2006 |




  As for me ,I may take many things into consideration before I meet a new person,for example ,do I feel conmfortable when staying with him of  her,do I be sure he or she would never do me bad,and so on.There is no denying that we may miss a friend by refusing ,but  why should we take such a risk?

 However ,if a person that  really amazes you and tale you away from worry ,you will never think about this.

05:58 AM Nov 19 2006 |




Dear Bjoosta, dear Zivon,

thank you for your answers. Bjoosta, yes, you hit the nail on the head. But – okay, what is the problem if the person would be complete another person, as you expected? You will have a cup of coffee or something else – you will disband, nothing happens.

I have to correct myself, I did not mean "invitation to home", to sleep there or something like that. I mean, somebody have a trip to your country/city and would like to have company by dinner etc.

So Zivon – I see your opinion, this is an important reason to be careful.

But I guess, sometimes we stand on our own feets. Why always thinking about what COULD be happen … Why to make it so difficult, to meet other people, to say Hello, share a short time, have a good talk and say Good bye. Maybe to say Good bye forever, maybe for the next time.

Sometimes I see people around me I find interesting, I would like to go to them, say Hello and start to talk. But I know, for most people this seem to be a strange behaviour. In Germany. We also have problems to sit down on tables, where a person is sitting.

You have to face the situation, that to get into contact with foreign people (our best friends were foreign people for us too!) gets more and more difficult, when you get older. First you get into contact at school, university, job. Then you are settled in your job, there are not so many changes as before.

Sometimes I see old person, one person is sitting at the right table, one is sitting at the left table. Both are lonesome, they lost their partners, they have lived with for centuries. Why not start small talk …

Have a nice day all over the world.

07:38 AM Nov 19 2006 |




I'll be delighted if i can meet somebody from this forum. It's very interesting to get acquaint with different people especially with people who have another views and traditions. Most of people in my country like to meat guests. It is not important if they are men or women or if they are young or old. As for me I have a great pleasure when my friends or friends of my daughter visit us. It seems to me that people always can find something common and it's nice to pass our free time together.

06:50 PM Jan 27 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

Hello Tebetha, Yes, I met my friend Kelubatra and Shooq. I met Kelubatra in the University and I met Shooq in a park.

12:13 PM Jan 28 2007 |




I´ll feel angry if I don´t want to know him/her. If I only chat with that person once or twice, and I have not given him/her my confidence, I hope that the person respect me. I don´t like the over-friendly people.

I´m a little paranoic about meet with new people. Although, I really enjoy when I find someone to share time (and smiles) and who make me feel comfortable.

So…  I try to take some precautions when I´m going to know a new person: to go with other friend, meet us in a public place in a good hour, make sure to don´t give some information about me, until I can be quiet about that person, etc.

05:59 PM Jan 28 2007 |