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what is the meaning of pain in your life?



United Arab Emirates

it might be a strange Topic but I really want to know what is the meaning of pain I don't mean the physical or body pain because of illness I mean the soul pain…

some times we feel it ..I want to share my opinion with you I wrote once a diary when I was feeling this type of pain and it was        

These days am feeling that am living in pain all the time ,and am affecting every one around me ,I don't know why but I know that the pain has become a part of my life and some times I feel that am gana live in it for ever .how is painful for the human being to feel lonely while around him there are thousands of people but he feels that they are invisible and the only thing that he can see in his mind is the view of him sitting alone and crying ,his heart is crying but no one can see the tears of heart ,its so painful for the human being to need a shoulder where he can put his head when he is sad ,or even a hand that remove his tears when he is crying and at the end find no one ,it just a killing feeling of loneliness .

thats it am waiting for your replies

06:56 AM Nov 23 2006 |

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Hong Kong

It your attitude to decide whether it is a pain.

05:47 AM Dec 04 2007 |



Hi !    I want to say something:   No pains,no gain.   

I remember this sentence clearly ,because my headteacher told us:"no pains ,no gain "in the first class when I entered xinjiang university.  And I know there must be a lot of pains during our lives, so we must challenge them ,and believe ourselves !

~~~Come on ! No pains ,no gain !

02:52 PM Jan 23 2008 |



pain makes people stronger

08:15 AM Aug 28 2008 |



United States

No brain, no pain. Tongue out

Of course, anyone can choose to be a happy idiot. That has advantages.

09:38 AM Aug 28 2008 |