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language learning



Hello everybody!

I ask for your help. I do a project about language learning in the school.So I'd like to ask some questions and i will be glad  if you can answer them.

  1. What languages do you learn? 
  2. Why are languages useful for you?
  3. What motivates you about language learning?
  4. Where do you learn foreign languages?

Thanks so much.


08:07 PM Apr 26 2008 |

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1.i am learning english now

2.it could help me to communicate with people from the westen.


4.at school,and some english forum like ebaby

03:16 AM Apr 27 2008 |





I am Oneida and i am colombian. Well, I want to help you with your research. I speak spanish & i'm learning English because i'm styding biology and it's neccesary for me to learn this language. Besides, I want to travel to other countries and if i speak different languages, it will be easier for me to comunicate with other.

 I hope I can help you.


03:23 AM Apr 27 2008 |