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Life Talk!

make friends???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




i used to chat with ppl from all over the world in the icq chat room.usually when i try to chat with a girl, she always stops chatting with me as soon as she know i'm not a boy….:P…why ?why can't make friends with people of the same sex?maybe they just want to have a boyfriend ,not a friend…...:P…:(

is there anybody have the same experiences?

BTW:i'm willing to have some e-mail friends…i u want to know me, send me a message pls….._

05:52 AM Dec 07 2006 |

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Usually opposite sex attracts. Wink People are looking for a lover or a friend from opposite sex to chat with.

06:59 AM Dec 07 2006 |




Nice to meet you oklassoo, Smile

I hope you don't feel discouraged, communication should be the aim and it does not matter gender, nationality or age. Just keep on , ok ?

07:51 AM Dec 07 2006 |