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who can beat "Dream team"




The Olympic Games will be held in beijing.Basketball as one of most popular game will attract many people to watch,especialy America national basketball team.This team is consisted by top stars of NBA and named Dream team.But this team has lost it's refulgence since 2000-the Sydney Olympic Games.Do you think this team can recapture it's honest or which team can block it?

08:35 AM Jul 29 2008 |

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I think USA will get the gold medal now. USA always have good teams,  but now they WANT to win. And that makes THE difference. I think USA will have trouble with Spain only. I saw pre-olimpic tournament and USA x Canada. None oh those teams could match USA now.

And my Brazil…3rd olympic games without basketball =(

05:24 PM Jul 29 2008 |




Spain is kicking ass in the preparatory stage so It may give some problems to USA but I think USA isfully equipped this year

06:26 PM Jul 29 2008 |



I also think that USA will get the gold medal.They are so strong.No team can beat them so far. But I wish that China can get a medal.

09:02 AM Jul 31 2008 |