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What did you dream to become in youth age when you were a child?



What did you dream to became in youth age when you were a child? have you got it?


When I was a child I wish to be someone who could travel a lot like a pilot. Unfortunately I haven't carryed out my dream though I'm happy about my present job.

03:22 AM Aug 16 2008 |

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Old dreams will be always nice for me, and I'm glad I had themSmile

08:32 AM Aug 16 2008 |

argent clover


When i was a kid i want to become a inventor and physicist.but now ,i am not good at physics,even bored with itFrown


11:52 AM Aug 16 2008 |



Russian Federation

when i was a little girls  i want to grow-up :)

03:00 PM Aug 17 2008 |



when i think about my dream in  childhood, that was very nice memory of mine.

Dream let  life to be colourful and wonderful .

whatever my dream should come ture.

New dream means another beginning,

you should image future beause of you have a dream.

04:22 PM Aug 17 2008 |



For me  fulfilling  dreams or just trying to fulfill them is  one of most important  priority in life . I still have time to  decide what  I want to do in the future and I don't magnify myself doning sth that is not connected with one of my passions. Unfortuanetly chance to become a rock star is rather small but I resolved myself to try to do everything to get at Film school ( but not as an actress!) as I was dreaming when I was a child and as I am dreaming still :)

09:20 PM Aug 17 2008 |





11:21 AM Aug 18 2008 |




when i was a little girls  i want to grow-up :)

I hope you've fulfilled it.. 

09:06 PM Aug 19 2008 |

cute dogs


when I was a kid, I was anxious to become a singer or a film star, but now, I just work for a small private company, that's really vapid life, what's worse, I can't sing as well as before, because I lost my confidence,  now I must try to sing and to prompt my english, this is the only way I can find colourful life in the future.

02:13 AM Aug 20 2008 |



Franctly speaking,I want to be a  teacher.but i do not realize my dream.Although I have been a teacher for one year,I am out of job now.

I am enrich myself through leanrning english, I am preparing for attend Shanghai Interpretend Exam .

I hooe I can pass the fist step

02:28 AM Aug 20 2008 |

Jack Zhao

Jack Zhao


I dream to became a hero to save the poor people over the world. I can't fulfill my dream of childhood to become a management staff.

But I am happy as a management to instruct people to improve their ablity and skills. then it can help them away from poor.

 I'm glad for present status.

03:13 AM Aug 20 2008 |