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Strange stories when we are looking for friends in internet




Which is your strangest story about appointments with friends who you´ve found in internet?

04:55 PM Jan 28 2007 |

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United Arab Emirates

I did write some about my strangest story with one of my online friends in International love: for & against. It's actually a stupid one.

07:34 PM Jan 28 2007 |




Hi lonely,

When I was 14 (9 years ago) I began to use internet to chat. In a channel to IRC I knew a boy from Argentina, he was in his twenties. We talked and sent e-mails during 2 or 3 months… and then he began to make a lot of plans to us. He got afraid me!

I was a little girl in that time, but he wanted that I traveled to Argentina to live with him! He requested to me that I fled with him… He wanted I left my home and my family. What a madness!

I don´t know what he was thinking… obviously, I say "NO" in many forms. He sent to me a lot of e-mails, saying "I can talk with your parents… I can give you all the money to the travel… etc".   

In the end I treated him very badly and I said to him that I didn´t want to know nothing about him. With time he got tired. I´ve not known nothing to him in years. What lightening!

He was a nice person in the beginning… but in the end I discovered that he was crazy!




10:05 PM Jan 31 2007 |



Hello everybody.

I'm a girl from China. Four years ago, I knew a boy from Singapore by ICQ. He introduced me many things about Singapore. He is proud of his Coutry. I know Singapore is very beautiful and a clean city from him. He sent me so many pics.

We are happy at that time. Then he planned to go to China. And he said he will contact me when he come to China.

But when he came to China, we lost the contact! And I never saw him on ICQ until today. I don't know why.

07:23 AM Feb 01 2007 |



United Arab Emirates

We really met a very strange people, God bless us.

09:04 PM Feb 01 2007 |