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Why do the Palestinians like ripping themselves apart so much?



United Kingdom

Any views?

10:52 PM Feb 03 2007 |

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United Kingdom

Fair enough. This post I started a while ago, as the Palestinian factions were still fighting each other.

12:01 AM Mar 23 2007 |



It's totally wrong what you say osama21mx


12:24 AM Jul 05 2007 |

Run Away Student

Saudi Arabia

Hello everyone


I don't know from where I should start but talking about what's happened there in Palestine is really complicated

You can't decide who is right and who's wrong easily

By the way please if you are going to talk about Arab you should said Arabic governments because people who are going

To read your replay will thought that you are talking about Arabic people in

General while Arabic population can not do anything to help Palestinians right now

Maybe in the future they will who knows :D

I have a Question pleassssssssse tell me ??


What's wrong with Iran ? do you think that Iran is the head of devil ?

There in Palestine where the holy mosque al-Aqsa it's really mean to all musilm

And Iran musilm country so what's the matter if Iran support hamas or fath ??

I will come back later to discuss

Why do the Palestinians like ripping themselves apart so much?


Thank you

05:30 AM Jul 08 2007 |




Q:how gave israel the right to exist? in palestine?

06:18 AM Jul 09 2007 |

Run Away Student

Saudi Arabia

very easy Question  

 Q:how gave israel the right to exist? in palestine?

Israel its self

and U.K help Israel to start and U.S.A to continue

09:54 AM Jul 09 2007 |



United Kingdom


I'll try and keep this short (the palestinian israeli conflict is complicated enough as it is) but you're mistaken in many ways.

"Europe and USA gave the right to Israel to settle in Palestine."

WRONG. The partition plan was voted for by the United Nations general assembly. 

"In fact in 1947, to apologise for the Nazi's genocide, EU decided to give a land to "persecuted jews people". At first they wanted to settled in Madagascar island in Africa, but at the end they settled in Palestine."

WRONG. There was no EU in 1947. The Madagascar plan was a failed plan by the nazi Adolf Eichmann, I really have no idea what you're talking about.    Palestine (the original homeland of the Jewish people) was always were a Jewish state was to be created. See Theodor Herzl's 'Judenstaat', the manifesto of the Zionist movement.

"The fisrt Israeli government paid other states (North African Arabs states, and Russia particulary) for sending them people to settled in colonies. And then, when some zionists reach to Israeli government, wars and conflicts started."

WRONG. There was no 'Israeli' government till 1948, after the creation of the Jewish State. Zionism was always the whole point of a Jewish State.  Zionism means, creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine.    

"It's just a quite simple story of settlement, just a colonialist conflict in fact. And then some people (terrorist, and politicians) brought new elements to the conflict (religion, nationalism etc…)"

Terrorism was a weapon used by both sides, the Arabs used severe means of terror during the Palestine riots in the 1930s, and Jewish extremists such as the Irgun retaliated.    It must be said that much of the land claimed by the settlers actually belonged to Jews, before the Arabs threw them out during the riots, i.e Hebron. 

It's true that in the beginning the conflict wasn't so much about religion, as the situation seems to be today. It was more about nationalism, but the political climate in the middle east has changed. 


10:10 PM Nov 22 2007 |



United Kingdom

"Who is the UN, just some members whose USA, USSR, France, UK, China…Besides UN has never have a great influence."

That's the Security Council, THe Palestine Partition plan was voted for by the General Assembly, which meant that every country in the world was able to vote on it at that time.

The countries were mentioned.. but not seriously. What claims could the Jewish people possibly have to a Madagascar? in all seriousness, Palestine was always the issue. 


The Jews of N. Africa were apart of society there for generations, until the countries forced them to leave (the expulsion that the Arabs always refuse to talk about instead, concentrate on the Palestinians). 

Yes, the Sephardim from the N. Africa are obviously important. 

Well they probably kept good relations because they were practically on the same side. Anti-Communist and also… well South Africa has a significant number of Jews.  South Africa recognized Israel and kept better relations under the apartheid then now, which tends to support the Palestinians and Arabs more.

Well… a hard government? Olmert is actually a moderate, if Netanyahu comes to power, which I think he will, things will get much 'harder'.  Personally I still maintain that any country in Israel's situation would act the same way.  

Yes, the Palestinians live in miserable conditions and the extremists among them undermine any real government.  Its… well sort of an anarchic state in Gaza.   Sharing is… possible, but as for the right combination, noone has found it yet.

05:07 PM Nov 23 2007 |



United Kingdom

The topic was started during the height of the conflict between hamas and fatah, hence the name.

08:22 AM Nov 24 2007 |



United Kingdom

"Hmm, no country except Israel kept relation with government of Apartheid, nevertheless this is a strong conotation."

I explained why in the last post, please read it.

Oslo failed a. because it was mostly hopes, nothing tangible.

and b. Arafat wasn't serious and kept up his old ways. 

02:14 PM Nov 24 2007 |



Screw you all who argue about whos right or whos wrong..who are bloody racist and color or religion maniacs.. innocent children, women and men are dying on both sides for no god damn reason.. and you all argue about whether the Israeli government or Hamas is right..Its a shame the whole world is going back to the middle age mentality because of some narrow minded dumb asses! You should all see the struggle going on not only in israel but other parts of the world and make an attempt for peace..         

04:35 PM Mar 27 2008 |