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Life Talk!

What make you happy in your life?

White heart

Saudi Arabia

               In every place or time you can find questions and talking about life and searching for happines in it. where is it? what do you think is it in money, health, family, friends , travelling or any thing else? tell me your ideas. Iwill not tell you mine untill I hear from you. I wish you all happiness.

10:49 PM Oct 04 2008 |

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Dear Hakimi,

There are some intelligent women also, Like Lilimira , whom Gold does'nt make happy.Laughing

Sorry for answering late.

06:05 PM Mar 06 2009 |




Making music together or listening to my favourite song can make me very happy! Laughing

Anybody else out there who feels the same way?

02:53 PM Mar 11 2009 |




my family and my obsession for running

07:36 PM Feb 22 2011 |