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To try to be closer



 The real friend is who cares , and accompany you for nothing , also to respect the promise , and be honest towards you , a real friend we should choose who is ready to travel to meet his friend (If we suppose that he is a penpal friend) ,the real friend appears in a real hard times and stands beside us.If we have an enough courage to design a forum or a site especially for honest friends , and don't permit any bad liars to acces, by this way we can show the basics of friendship.

12:49 PM Oct 06 2008 |

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someone told me:even we are the best friends, we believe each other, but there's a "lie" in "believe"..

she also told me:a real friend is when we're stay togrther, we feel comfortable and easy. we share the same topics

12:58 PM Oct 06 2008 |



 And the real friend should be a mirror for his friend , everyone has his/her faults and sometimes sins , the real friend have to make an objection and takes an action if he/she feel that the friend will fall.. like a rescue man on the beach .

01:06 PM Oct 06 2008 |



    Ali…Lee..everyone read,

        I feel that you passed a specific situation with a girl or somene you like, the real friend know you for nothing ,he /she can be funny but believe me a word or an expression from him may let you see what is in his/her heart,the real friend can't leave you ..a group of sincere friends ,almost always together and honest ,so they are like a portrait,if you cut it eye will be far from the ear, far from head,but who understand well the meaning of the real freindship can collect the parts easily, the artist who made this portrait will collect the parts faster .. the artist is the best real friend ,you can call him "The real elder brother"



01:51 PM Oct 06 2008 |

vivian chen


sometime,soomebody can meet a real friend .

somebody can't.maybe A put into a lot of friendship to B. 

but B doesn't answer A any question and feeling.

so they can't to be best friend.

02:57 PM Oct 06 2008 |



United Arab Emirates

friend this word worths thousand words life without friends are like food without taste .. friend in need is a friend indeed

06:09 PM Oct 06 2008 |



yeah,now I’m in a tough relationship with a girl..we cann’t leave each other,but we often have a little problems..She teaches me a lot,even something I really don’t like..we are like a couple, we care about each other, but we hurt each other, too..It’s complicated..

05:01 AM Oct 07 2008 |



Friend in need is a friend indeed.

08:38 AM Oct 07 2008 |




But how dow You think cant the real friend be mistaken do something wrong towards You and are You ready to forgive or You are a kind of man who can never be mistaken …...............

09:33 AM Oct 07 2008 |



 Lee , and the Armenian pretty,

              Taugh relationships between men and women may mean a real friendship or a real "Love" will develop to marriage , I passed the same waves with my person , many times we shout ..I am trying to explain sometimes she satifies and understand and sometimes my passion helps in postponing the problem but it stands still a situation happens and we discussed it again , don't deny the manners which a girl was taught during the recent several years before meeting you .. the key word here lies in: the one who is ready to change, and frankness is very important . mistakes happen and it should learn us not to repeat ,and the mistakes itself maybe in your eyes and mistake and maybe in her eyes not a mistake so be a mirror for yourself and ask about the others (your mate) manners with the relatives , other friends but put the basic principles your friend should be honest , honest , sincere , sincere , sincere and the girl should have a clean mouse.

04:09 PM Oct 10 2008 |