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Palin could become a Senator??



United States

MSNBC just reported about the Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens who has been convicted of felonies (high crimes) and how despite that, Alaskans have re-elected him! Once the Senate reconvenes, they might vote to kick him out of the Senate. If he vacates his office, the Governor of the state can appoint someone to replace him. That Governor is Sara Palin! Rules say that she can't appoint herself, but… she could do as one bad politician did in the past: she could resign her office and create a deal with her Lt. Governor (who would replace her) to appoint Palin as Senator!! The liars and cheats Party still lives….

07:34 AM Nov 06 2008 |

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Anyone Palin appoints will only serve until a special election is held. If she wants to be Senator, she would be better off just running for the office. She would probably be better served staying on as Governor and gaining more executive experience. 



what is MSNBC going to do once Bush leaves? I think some of the mainstream media will try to regain their credibility after this last election cycle and finally start to do some serious reporting on the Obama "issues", but MSNBC was so far in the tank for the Obamessiah, I don't think they can recover. They will continue to be apologists until they go off the air.

11:19 AM Nov 06 2008 |



Sri Lanka

Now that the dust is beginning to settle, it looks like that the knives are out from her own people.

Sarah Palin 'did not know Africa was a continent', say aides





01:45 PM Nov 06 2008 |



people are looking to cast blame for the loss and also to set their own preferred candidate up for 2012


There´s a lot of speculation that the earlier talk about Palin being a"diva" and "going rogue" were coming from former Romney people working for the McCain campaign.


This latest bit of backbiting just seems quite dishonorable to me. 

04:31 PM Nov 06 2008 |