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wait for my Mr. Right, to the boys in Beijing



hello, i'm waiting for my Mr. Right here. I'm a girl in Beijing, i come from Tianjin and i was born in the year of Monkey.

I work as a translator in Beijing now, my major is English literature and linquistics.

I like the works of Hemingway and Dickens, and if i'm free, i'd play badmiton and go swimming. 

I extremely like fish, so some people say that i were born in the year of Monkey.

I'm a Sagiters and blood type is B.

i like mature and optimistic boy.

If you are in Beijing, if you are willing to stay in Beijing, if you are between 28 to 34, and if you are kind and nice, if you are a Chinese boy, i am waiting for your reply.


06:06 AM Nov 17 2008 |

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sometimes i trust fate. i've been searching for. i wait for him.

01:35 AM Nov 18 2008 |



haha1,i am Chinese ,girl please,

I am in FUJIAN,just a student,

my major is computer language,

drop me whenever you have time.

03:45 AM Nov 18 2008 |




good luck!

01:40 PM Nov 18 2008 |



Thank you Duanmang, bless you

01:45 PM Nov 18 2008 |