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with friends




what do you usually do when you are with your friends?

02:56 AM Feb 18 2009 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

speaking & speaking & speaking,... ;D

I love time which I spend with my friends coz it`s so pleasant. specially when remember our school`s memories;p

I don`t really feel the passage of time when I`m with my friends coz they`re really adoreable.

& RYo23t:

of course u have friends in ur life, ur family can be ur best friends & also yourself;D

you can the best friend of urself_


10:58 PM Feb 18 2009 |





actually sometimes i prefer to be alone,to speak to myself,and i think it's a good way for us to be mature and strong and independent

08:46 AM Feb 19 2009 |